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Why Choose Us "Everyone Deserves a Perfect, Healthy Smile" At Smilesutra™, we blend traditional, friendly dental service with the most up-to-date practices in the field, providing you with a unique and satisfying dental experience. AIM- Our aim is to make the dental experience as relaxing and pleasant as possible for our patients. From the first telephone contact to the final treatment, we aim to care for our patients in a gentle and considerate manner which keeps them fully involved throughout, with tailored treatment plans that address their individual needs. A Modern Experience : From the moment you enter our modern, spa-like office, you know this isn’t your average dental practice. Our young and friendly staff makes you feel at home, and you’ll always be on a first-name basis with us. From high-tech, cutting edge equipment and techniques to our strict level of sterilization, we implement the latest technologies to provide you with the best care possible. Smilesutra™, Can Give You Something To Smile About Where YOU, your HEALTH and your BEAUTY matters Smilesutra™, is meticulous at practicing excellent cross infection control, patient comfort and saftey. with 'Good Practice Standards'. You deserve the ultimate '1st Class' Smilesutra™ experience We pride ourselves in outstanding excellence in customer service, treatment and aftercare. Our number one priority is to care for you, so when your treatment ends our care continues. Every visit at Smilesutra™, is exclusively tailored to your personal oral health needs and is professionally conducted by our friendly team of experts. You deserve the best To ensure you receive the best treatment we use the most advanced, innovative and effective clinically proven materials, equipment and techniques. This exceptional quality is complemented by our Smilesutra™ team's extensive knowledge and expertise which is continuously updated with advanced training through leading International programmes. Confidentiality The rule of absolute confidentiality in the patient-practitioner relationship is practiced at Smilesutra™. All information obtained in the course of consultation and treatment is strictly confidential. This includes personal health information and any data collected. All staff members at Smilesutra™, are aware of the absolute duty of patient and data confidentiality. Personal health information (A patients Medical History) Personal health information given to Smilesutra™ is only ever used to assess your overall health status. This will help eliminate complications and enables AURA to provide safe and risk free dental treatment.
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